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News from the Championships - Tetrathlon

What an exciting morning at the PC Champs. Ollie Loud won the Junior Tetrathlon with an outstanding 1000 shooting, personal best swim, beautiful clear cross country and in searing heat, an excellent run. Well done Ollie - you deserve such a great win. The team of Ollie, Henry Bates and Jake Stockton came second. This is an amazing result with fab clear rounds cross country by all three and good all round performances in the other disciplines. We nearly didn’t have a team, but Jake stepped up before the Areas and while inexperienced, helped the team of three onto the podium. Henry is least experienced jockey but rode a tough cross country like a determined pro. A fab result. Immi and Scarlett competed in the Welsh and Border teams also with great results in tough competitive classes. All that took part over the weekend have had the greatest of fun and made lasting friendships from teams across the country. The party last night sounds like one to remember! We need more team members so do give it a go.

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