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Wynnstay Branch Activities

Mounted Games


Teams of four or five riders and ponies take part in a series of exciting races that involve a mix of turns, handovers, skill, and galloping.

The Wynnstay has a fantastic team of trainers and volunteers and a brilliant record of success at the Pony Club Championships and Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Members of all ages & abilities are welcome at once-a-week training, it's a great way of boosting confidence with fun, especially for novice riders.


Contact for more information:

Teresa Gregory 07764 375948


Scarlett 3E_0015.jpg

The branch runs two kinds of jumping lesson:


Jumping For All For members of any age and ability (including lead rein).

Jumping 75cm+ For members jumping confidently, and practising for competitions.

There are opportunities to compete in teams in the Area 5 Winter League and summer qualifiers for the Pony Club championships.

Contact for more information:

Tami Young 07912 324308

Younger members

Xmas fun.jpg

Children of 3 years and above are welcome to join our branch.

Many lessons (and of course Junior Camp!) are open to lead-reiners and "just-offs".  Check the blurb when booking to make sure.

We also run some more relaxed activities for younger members, including picnic rides at picturesque locations and badge rallies where members can work towards a collection of pony-related and other badges.

Contact for more information:

Bev Maier 07947 633014



The all-round discipline combining dressage, showjumping and cross-country elements.

The Wynnstay offers XC training at local venues (Somerford, Kelsall and Llanymynech) several times a year and we're lucky to have a great choice of expert coaches in the area and on the committee!

Members compete in teams at area qualifiers leading hopefully to the Pony Club championships each summer.

Contact for more information:

Emily Gilruth 07932 625509

Dressage/Flat Work

Dressage Lucy1.jpg

Learn how to get your pony to do what you want him to do, when you want him to do it - after that, everything's easy!

Wynnstay Pony Club offers flat work instruction about once per month, for members of all ages & abilities including lead rein.  We incorporate some polework into the rally schedule, and occasional test-riding practice with feedback.

Teams compete to qualify for the Pony Club championships each summer.

Contact for more information:

Rachel Holland 07736 423054



Tetrathlon comprises 4 elements of sport and competition levels progress with age. The Shoot involves shooting with air pistols at targets between 7 and 10 metres, the Swim is the distance swum in 2 to 4 minutes, the Run is normally cross country over a distance of between 1000m and 3000m, and the Ride is over a cross country course, the most exhilarating phase for many.

We offer regular training in all areas for members of all ages and abilities, and regularly sends teams to compete - with much success - in local competitions and the Championship qualifier.


Contact for more information:



Camp is a highlight of the year for most members.  It usually takes place at the end of July, and we run two sections:

Junior Camp (age 3+) is non-residential over two and a half days, full of fun on and off ponies.

Senior Camp (age 10+) is four days and members stay overnight in tents or lorries (if they want to) with their ponies in nearby stabling. There are some off-site activities e.g. to professional XC facilities or evening entertainments.

Members aged 16+ often join the Area 5 Associates Camp which is held at Somerford each July.

Contact for more information:

Horse & Pony Care

Camp 2011 006.jpg

We've had great success with teams of all ages in the Pony Club Blue Cross Horse & Pony Care competition, with teams winning the national championships several times in recent years.

There are three levels of team:


Mini (3 members aged 10 and under, plus one aged 8 or under)

Junior (3 members aged 13 or under, plus one aged 11 or under)

Senior (3 members aged 25 or under plus one aged 16 or under.

Training usually takes place during the spring.

Contact for more information

Lucy Cheshire 07779 260806

Try Trail Hunting


As many of the UK's most successful eventers know, learning how to tackle natural obstacles in the countryside is not only thrilling fun but also the best education for both pony and rider.

We have long-standing links with the Wynnstay Hunt, and branch members, including those on the lead rein, often participate in the children's trail meet (usually held in October) or children's priority meets.

If you'd like to try it but need a helping hand, do contact us and we'll be very happy to give advice or find someone to accompany you.

Contact for more information

Pony Racing


Get et a taste of what real horse racing is like on a smaller scale!  Champion Headwear Pony Club Race Days are run up and down the country.  You must be a Pony Club Member and be between the ages of 9 and 15 years old (on 1st January) and have a pony 14.2hh (148cm) and under.  All the riders wear silks (or your cross country colours), weigh in, weigh out and parade in The Paddock before the race!  There are Novice races for beginners right through to Open races for the more experienced.  There is lots more information on the Pony Club HQ website.


Contact for more information

Morwenna Trevanion 07922 010882

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